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How to Kiss a Girl in 8 Easy Steps

In a recent article, I discussed how you can initiate physical contact within the first few minutes of meeting a woman. What I emphasized was the importance of touching her in order to lead an interaction towards sex.

The question is: Do you try for sex right AFTER touching her?

Obviously the answer is NO!

In order to transition from physical contact to sex, you have to KISS HER. When you kiss a woman, you’ll take that first step towards an intimate encounter. The problem is MANY guys have a problem with kissing. Generally they have no clue about the way initiate it and how to give the PERFECT kiss.

Well in this post, I’m going to give my personal eight-step plan on how to kiss a girl. The next time you want to start kissing a girl, try doing the following:

1) There is NO perfect moment

Remember this…when it comes to kissing a girl, there is no perfect moment. If you’re waiting around for the right time in the conversation, then you’re probably missing a LOT of opportunities. Don’t blow it by waiting for RIGHT moment. Just GO for the kiss!

2) Isolate her

Many times you’ll meet a girl when she’s with her friends. Unless she’s drunk, a woman won’t feel comfortable kissing you right in front of her buddies. So to get things going, move her to a more private location.

3) Establish physical contact

As I stated before, initiating physical contact is the key step to kissing a girl. Take a look at this article to find out how to do this within the first few minutes of meeting her.

4) Slow things down

The one thing I always recommend is to have high energy during your interaction with a woman. But when it comes time for kissing, you have to slow things down and pause between sentences. What this does is create a sensual atmosphere. By doing this, you’re giving her subconscious cues that a kiss is about to happen.

5) Look at her face

Once you’re created the right kind of atmosphere, you should work on creating sexual tension. To do this, continue the conversation, but give longing glances at her lips. Do this for a second or two. Then give the same look into her eyes.

6) Move closer

As you’re giving her longing looks, you want to move closer. The key here is to look to see if she’s uncomfortable or uneasy. If she is, then you should back off and work on your attraction-building techniques. But if she’s comfortable, then you can move on the next step.

7) Touch her

It’s generally important to give a woman a sign that you’re about to kiss her. What I recommend is you put your hand on her shoulder and start playing with her hair. Perhaps even caress her cheek with your thumb.

8) Start kissing her

The final step is easy- You KISS her! If you did the last steps correctly, she’ll be ready for your kiss. All you have to do is cock your head, and slowly move in. If she’s attracted to you, she’ll quickly respond to your kissing.

So that’s it! An easy eight step plan for kissing a girl! Feel free to use it the next time you’re not sure how take that first step towards sexual contact. login
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