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How to Get Your Ex-Girlfriend Back in 5 Simple Steps

Relationships often end for a specific reason. Whether the romance died or there another person entered the picture, it’s often better to look forward instead of behind.

But what happens if you can’t forget about that ONE woman who you can’t get out of your mind? Well, my first advice is to take a close look at why you’re obsessing over an ex-girlfriend. Most of the time, you’ll discover that she’s not as great as you remembered.

But if you feel that you REALLY need her, then I recommend a simple course of action. (Just remember that it’s often much easier to get a new girlfriend rather then contacting an old one)

What you need to do is convince your old flame that you have improved yourself and you a LOT more to offer her. To get started, I recommend you follow this 5 step plan for getting back with your ex-girlfriend:

Step 1- Analyze what went wrong

An important step to take before trying to get your girlfriend back is to take some time and think about what went wrong. For instance you should ask yourself:

• Was there another guy?

• Does she no longer like me in a romantic way?

• Was there been a dramatic change in her life?

• Did I do certain things that drove her crazy?

The reason why you ask these questions is to determine if things can be fixed between you and your ex-girlfriend. If she’s with another guy or didn’t seem to care about the break-up, then you probably have LITTLE chance of getting her back.

So before you implement this system, you should first find out if you have ANY chance of success.

Step 2- Change yourself

Once you’ve analyzed what went wrong, you need to make changes to your life. The main reason guys get dumped is due to a lack of attraction. So if you want to get her back, you must make subtle changes to yourself which demonstrates attractive qualities.

Now the reason women want to date other guys is these men provide excitement in their lives. Without even knowing it, you probably developed into a lower status male around your ex-girlfriend.

In order to become an attractive to her, you need to develop attractive personalities. This includes manly characteristics like confidence, initiative, an interesting personality and determination. If you’re able to show these core character traits, then you’ll have the attractive personality that ALL women want from a guy.

Step 3- Start dating other women

While it might seem counterintuitive, one of the best ways to win back an ex is to start dating other women. When you “see” many different girls, you’ll gain a whole new perspective on your past relationship.

Plus a woman’s jealous nature can be used to your advantage. A lot of girls are highly attracted to guys who are “preselected” by other women. By dating other women, you’ll be able to trigger her jealous reactions.

Step 4- Become friends with her

Now that you’ve made changes to yourself and you’re dating other women, you should contact your ex-girlfriend. When you first talk to her, set up a “friends date” where you’ll catch up on “old times.” This means grabbing coffee, catching a bit to eat or playing a quick game of pool.

Once you’re on this “date”, just act casual. In other words, don’t try to convince her to get back with you or drudge up past arguments.

Instead, demonstrate your new confident demeanor and focus on your role as her friend. Then every so often make a comment about one of the women you’re dating. Don’t be overt about it, but nonchalantly mention that you’re actively dating other women.

Step 5- Proceed with normal attraction techniques

Since you’re now talking to your ex-girlfriend, you have an opportunity to demonstrate positive qualities. Instead of trying to rekindle things with her, I recommend that you show exactly how much fun you can provide her.

So it’s important that you treat her like you would with other girls. This means that you follow the basic attraction and seduction techniques.

For instance, you should be cocky/funny, show confidence and act like you don’t care about the outcome of your interactions. If you do your job correctly, she’ll start to realize that she’s missing out on a golden opportunity. Once this happens, she’ll start to pursue you!

Being able to get a girlfriend back is hard for many guys to accomplish. But if you’re smart enough follow these 5 simple steps, you’ll dramatically increase your chances of getting her back into your life. login
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