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Relationship Advice: 3 Rules to Maintain Attraction

I’ll be the first to admit that this site is primarily concerned with meeting and attracting women. As a result, there is very little information on relationships, romance and other crap they put on Hallmark cards.

But, there are times when you decide to take that plunge and start a relationship.

In fact, we’ve all been at this point in our lives. Sometimes you’ll meet a GREAT girl and you’ll want to beyond casual dating.

Personally I think relationships are incredible if you’re with the “right” woman. However, there is a hidden danger when you suddenly find yourself dating ONE person. If you’re not careful, you could slip into a situation where you’re no longer having fun.

When a relationship becomes a chore instead of two people sharing good times together, it’s at the point when it no longer becomes worth the effort.

Now as I said before, I don’t claim to be an expert on relationships. So unfortunately, I cannot give advice about how to fix a broken situation. But I do have THREE rules which can help prevent a relationship from becoming stagnant.

Rule #1- Keep things fun and exciting

The biggest killer of a relationship is to let it become boring!

Relationships should about sharing fun times with the woman you’re dating. This means EVERY week, you should set aside time to do something together. (And this doesn’t mean sitting around watching TV)

Now I would be an idiot if I thought that you won’t have problems. But instead of focusing on negativity, you should create a dynamic where you’re sharing fun activities with the woman you love.

Rule #2- Treat each other as equals

Another way to destroy a relationship is to have one person be dominant over the other.

So if you’re not respecting the woman in your life, you’ll eventually think she is inferior. Likewise, you should never let a woman control you. Healthy relationships are about viewing each others as equals. It’s not about having one person control the other

Also, it’s psychologically damaging to have inferior thoughts about your partner. According to most therapists, it’s hard to be attracted to someone who you don’t respect or consider an equal.

Rule #3- Be honest with one another

A way to build a trusting and long relationship is be upfront about ANY problems you have with your partner. If something is bothering you, then you should quickly address it and explain why you feel this way.

When you and your partner develop a pattern of understanding one another, it becomes MUCH easier to eliminate ANY potential problems that you might face.

Just remember that relationships are about experiencing happiness with your partner. It shouldn’t be viewed with pessimism.

If you make a little effort and implement the three rules I discussed, then you’ll discover that it’s easy to develop a fun and loving relationship! login
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